2019 May – Truck Evolutions

2019 May - Truck Evolutions

These pics are from our May 2019 drill at the houses on Church St that are scheduled to be torn down. We worked on various skills one and two man ladder raises for the purpose of victim rescue we also trained roof ventilation.

RIT Training November 2018

Rapid Intervention Training

This month the Northbridge Fire Department training drill was on RIT (Rapid Intervention Training)

Although we hope we never have to rescue a downed firefighter, we must all keep up our skills in case we do.

Please have a look at the two videos below (narrated by District Chief Lachapelle)


Confined Space Rescue

Here are a few more pictures from the training at the Church St houses.

These are  some techniques for basic confined space rescue using a tripod.

Click each thumbnail image for a larger image.

July 2017 Drill

Last night our members were able to utilize the D7 forcible entry prop. We spent the night reviewing and practicing different techniques.

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