NFD Santa Parade 2017

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This years Santa Parade will be on Sunday December 10th. See below for the full route.

Note we will also be trying to track Santa by GPS this year so you will be able to see exactly where he is. ( Link will be posted the day of the parade)

Santa Run 2017 – Official Route

December 10th 10AM-3PM
Rain/Snow Date December 17th.
Starting at 193 Main Street 10:00AM

Walmart Parking Lot
Meet and Greet Santa <1005AM to 1030AM>

Left on Main St <1035AM>
R on Prescott Rd
L on Theresa Cir
R on Prescott Rd
L on Stoney Brook Dr
L on Ivy Lane
R on Main St

R on North Main St – <1050PM>
L on A St
R on Border St
R on B St
L on North Main St
L on D Street
Straight on to C St
Crossover North Main to Crescent St

Crescent St to Swift- <1105 AM>
L on Mason Rd
R on Acorn Rd
L on Michael Ln
R on Mason Rd
R on Kerry Ln
L on Dover Dr
R on Mason Rd
R on Tracey Dr
L on Swift Rd
L on Walker St
R on Mason Rd
R on Goldthwaite Rd

L on Carpenter Road-<1120AM>
R Shannon Dr
To Samuel Dr
L on Carpenter Rd
L on Goldthwaite Rd
Hill St to
R Fowler Rd
L Cooper Rd

L on Brenda Dr – <1130>
L on Lea Ave thru cul-de-sac
L on Jessica Way
Crossover Alana Dr
R on Danielle Ln
R on Nicole Ave
L on Jessica Way
L on Alana Dr
R on June St
L on Kristen Ct
L on Rose Ave
R on Alana Dr

R on Sutton St – <1140PM>
L on Eisenhower Dr
L on Jefferson Ave
R on Lincoln Cir
L on Washington St
L on Hill St
L on Sutton St

R on RT 122
L on Beans Lane to:
American Legion for Meet and Greet Santa <1210PM-1230PM>

L on Church Ave – <1230PM>
L on Beanes Ln
L on RT 122

R on Benson Rd-<1245AM>
R on Marion Dr
L on Sheryl Dr
R on Delmar Dr
Straight on Paul Place
L on Jon Cir
R on Robin Rd
R on Benson Rd
L on Highland St
R on Rumonski Dr – around the loop
R on Highland St
L on Church St
L into Koopmans Lumber
Shaw’s Plaza
R RT 122 to Lights
L on Church St Extension
R on Plumbers Park
L on Church St Extension
L Rt 122

L on Prunier St <1315PM>
L on McEndy St
L on School Park

Heritage Park <1320pm>

Northbridge High School for Meet and Greet Santa-<1325PM-1335PM>

R on Cross St-<1345PM>
R on East St
L on Leland Rd
L on Church Street Thru center of town

Right on Hill Street<1400PM>
Right on Cottage Street
L on Prospect
L Nathaniel Dr
R Marston
R Hillcrest
R Marston
L Hill Street
R Main Street to > Back to Fire Station

Back to quarters & in service <1500PM>

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