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Win $500 of Scratch Tickets or 128GB IPAD

The Northbridge Fire Dept is trying to raise funds for the annual fireworks display in town on June 29th.
Tickets are $25 each for a chance to win a 128GB IPAD with WiFi and cell capability and Logitech Keyboard/case – a $700 value. (1 in 200 chance of winning)
$500 worth of scratch tickets
Tickets are $25 each for the chance to win $500 worth of scratch tickets with a guaranteed wining of at least $400. (1 in 200 chance of winning)
If anyone is interested in purchasing a ticket please send a direct message or contact any NFD member.

2 thoughts on “Win $500 of Scratch Tickets or 128GB IPAD”

    1. Hi James. Yes, As long as the on duty crew has tickets left.
      If they don’t have any please post back and I will try to find another member that has some.

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